AMS Corporation

For those looking for a job (Store employment agency)

Process from application to employment


First, apply from the application form

In order to confirm the profile and desired contents of the person in advance, please fill in the necessary items from the dedicated form at the bottom of this page and apply.
We will confirm the application details and contact you from our company (AMS Co., Ltd.).


Face-to-face or online interviews

We will meet face-to-face or online (Zoom,SNS Network) to ask for more details. After that, you will agree to the memorandum.


Introducing work from our company

Based on the requests we received during the interview, we would like to introduce the jobs of companies and stores registered and contracted with our company (AMS Co., Ltd.).



Once you have decided to apply for the company / store you introduced, we will conduct an interview at the company you are introducing.


Start working

After the interview is passed and the employment contract is signed, you will actually start working.

Benefits of using our company

  • It is possible to match companies and stores that meet your wishes

  • It is possible to introduce according to skills and wishes by interviewing

  • We can introduce not only Japanese-owned companies and stores, but also foreign-owned companies and stores.

Application Form

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