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For those who have a company or store looking for a worker [Human Resource Recruitment]

Human Resource Recruitment Process:


First of all, contact us from filling the form

At our company (AMS), we have a meeting prior to the introduction from our company in order to introduce the registered foreign human resources who meet the conditions and personality.
First of all, please contact us from the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.
After confirming the content of your inquiry, we will contact you.


Meeting about conditions and desired contents

Based on the information sent from the inquiry, we will have a face-to-face contract or online meeting and adjust the details of the contract contents.


Concluded an employment agency contract with our company (AMS)

Based on the content decided at the meeting, you will be asked to sign and seal the contract and conclude the contract.


Introduction / interview of human resources

Based on the meeting and contract details, we will introduce human resources and conduct an interview.


Employment decision / employment procedure

After deciding the human resources, you will be asked to make an employment contract.


Billing and payment of brokerage fees

After concluding the employment contract, we will charge an agency fee, so please pay by the due date.

Benefits of using our company

  • Introducing human resources that meet your needs

  • A wide range of human resources are registered, not only foreigners but also Japanese

  • It is possible to introduce foreign human resources who have graduated from Japanese universities and vocational schools

  • It is possible to introduce foreign human resources who are fluent in Japanese

Fees / Costs

It will be decided based on an individual contract with our company (AMS Co., Ltd.)
About 30% of the annual income of those who are employed or we will decide after consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of company is AMS Co., Ltd.?


It is a company with high expertise and easy work.


What kind of human resources can you introduce?


As a bridge connecting Japan and overseas, under the guidance of an international lawyer who is familiar with the circumstances of each country, we will thoroughly hear your wishes and conditions and introduce human resources that meet the needs of everyone who is looking for human resources.


What kind of human resources are registered?


Not only Japanese but also foreigners who have graduated from universities and vocational schools in Japan and foreigners who are fluent in Japanese are registered. Through interviews and we will introduce these human resources according to your needs.

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